• setiechikwense

6 Things Every Woman Should Know

Updated: May 19

Everyone has their own idea of the perfect woman. This idea usually stems from societal, cultural, or religious values and standards. Truth is we are only perfect if we believe to be perfect ourselves. Here are a few tips to help every woman become their best selves, and I have to stress this; only you know what’s best for you.

1) No one should define or tell you what femininity or being a woman is: Ignore the “a woman should” statements, be the kind of woman you want to be there is nothing like too feminine or less feminine.Dont let anyone bully you into conforming to societal standards of womanhood or femininity , being different is what makes us unique after all.

2) Remove age from your goals: You are never too old for anything. In a world which is highly obsessed with age, you might feel like a failure if you have not completed different projects by the time you reach a certain age. Time lines set by society will only pressurize and depress you, don’t give the society and people that power. You can pick up a new hobby, start school, fall in love and embark on a new career at any age.