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A Call for Change. By Phindu Zaie

A 14 year old girl defiled and infected with HIV.

A 15 month old baby defiled to punish her mother.

A first year student gang raped.

The stories we’ve heard. In this short time. A drop in the ocean of all the sexual violence, all the evil, all the death that is our reality.

The result of a system that has taught ownership of women’s bodies and a cold disregard for our autonomy and life. Woven into normalcy with a culture of slice and protection and making excuses for the men that do this shit. It’s tiring. It’s the same story every day.


How privileged you are to be able to scroll past the stories because you’re not interested or lend a sympathetic “like” because you have a sister or indeed log off because it’s too heavy.

This is reality. It is an ever present threat and a fact that we live with. Trauma everywhere.

What must we do now?

You know these things are wrong and do/let the happen, still.

The system isn’t working. Perpetrators get off with a slap on the chin.

We kkk at rape jokes and protect our rapist friends.

Titani? Pray? Beg the justice system? Capital punishment? What’ll work?

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