A Day After Women's Day

Over the years, I've grown tired of having to write or do anything related to International Women's Day, owing to my frustration with how little is being done on the ground. Companies, organizations, and private individuals spend a fortune on branding t-shirts, running promotions, and other activities on this day to show their support for the fight against gender inequalities and injustices faced by women while doing the exact opposite in the background.

It is not what companies or individuals do on this day, but what they do every other day to address gender inequalities. It should be noted that Women's Day must be observed on a daily basis. Every day, we must break down bias and discrimination against women in workplaces, schools, and society. We must devise structures and methods to make work environments more welcoming to women.

I must admit that it was both amusing and disappointing to see various organizations commemorating Women's Day being chastised for failing to practice what they preach. It is hypocritical for businesses and organizations to celebrate this day when they do not even have policies in place to protect women at work. Most of what they do is walk all over women, sideline women and expose them to toxic work conditions.

Companies and organizations should celebrate this day only if they are also championing for equality at their workplaces; this is a day that should have meaning. It should serve as a reminder of inequalities that exist, it should remind those in power to find ways on how they can address the inequalities and injustices. It should go beyond simply displaying how creative organizations can be with designs honoring women on this day. It should extend beyond simply posting women employees in their companies or organizations.

May this be a reminder that ,It is not about what happens on Women's day but what happens before this day, on this day and after this day.

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