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A Quest For a Tighter Vagina

There is a widespread belief that it is the responsibility of a woman to make a marriage work. The sole responsibility of a married woman is to keep her husband from leaving and to save her marriage with everything she has. This belief, has driven many women to make various changes to their bodies in order to remain more appealing and pleasant to their sexual partners. Some of these modifications are also made to their genitalia.

Labia elongation is one of the oldest cosmetic procedures done throughout Africa, including Malawi. Women use physical pressure to elongate their labia for increased sexual pleasure. Men are said to abandon their wives in favor of other women who have undergone the procedure. In Malawi, "Vaginal Rejuvenation" or "vaginoplasty" (a procedure to tighten the vagina) has recently gained popularity. This procedure is being performed on mostly women who have had children, and other women who might want to tighten their vagina.

Even though Vaginal Rejuvenation is medically proven and supposedly available in hospitals across the country, there isn’t enough information on this procedure. For instance, information on who eligible to undergo the procedure, how it is done, how someone can access it, how much it costs, and most importantly the risks associated with it.

Some women go to great lengths to achieve vaginal tightness, to the point where they risk injury or diseases by inserting or putting various objects, aids, substances, and lotions into or on their vaginas.

Men, and all humans, should learn to accept that the human body changes over time, and that one cannot expect women to remain the same after giving birth or growing older. Women are being harmed by these unrealistic expectations.

Disclaimer, I am not opposed to women doing whatever they want with their bodies; in fact, I admire and support women who make their own choices regarding their bodies, sexuality, and other sexual matters. I wholeheartedly support women who choose to undergo such drastic changes for their own good rather than to please others; however, some of these procedures are dangerous and could cause serious harm.

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