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AA Murakami at Silent Fall: bouncing bubbles, mechanical trees and interactive fun- review.

By Mwayi M

As a Malawian living in the UK I honestly feel like I haven’t really explored the beautiful gems London has to offer. One of the things I promised I would do is rekindle my love for art and all the experiences that come with it. With that being said here’s my sort review on AA Murakami’s silent fall interactive art exhibition.

AA Murakami’s Silent Fall is an entrancing forest of mechanical trees that release bubbles packed with mist and various foresty scents, inviting interactive fun.

We wandered through the installation, popping bubbles as we walked around and even cradling them and bouncing them around while wearing special gloves. I honestly felt like a child again it was totally worth the wander it literally takes you away from the lack of magic in post Covid outside world! This is why interactive art is so important you literally get immersed into a different world!

Despite the horrible reviews online I actually thought it was worth the £13 spent if you happen to be in London definitely wander through this enchanting interactive art exhibition.

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