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AHOY Lip Culture


Over the past few weeks, there have been graduation ceremonies in the country. Regardless of that, there are little or no jobs available for the graduands joining the pool of job seekers. As highlighted by President Lazarus Chakwera, 1500 people are battling for a single position. As it is right now, we are the young and broke graduate MVP. Most of us that graduated over the past years actually wish we started some sort of business, had some savings stashed away or invested in something while we were still in school.

While we are here wishing we had done things differently, there are young people

starting businesses, investing their finances and gearing up for the “after college

experience”. Pushed by skin tone incompatibility problems with lipstick brands

available on the market, Audrey Kamiza has utilized her passion for lipstick to address the challenge in the country and across borders.

The Catholic University (CU) fourth year Bachelor of Science in Development Studies student is defying the odds by maximizing access to lipstick while paying keen attention to other brands' shortfall. In case you are wondering whether the lipstick will be suitable for you. The young entrepreneur has incorporated both vegan and non-vegan products to cater for every lipstick and lip gloss lover. The cherry on top is the products are handmade and will come in 7 amazing shades with a touch of red, brown, nude, green, black and orange under the lip culture Malawi brand.

With the launch coming in June, district ambassadors will be readily available. So get ready to change your lip culture and conquer the world. “Give a woman the right

lipstick and she can conquer the world.”

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