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Award inspires Gogo Mlewa 2021 production. By Singayazi Kaminjolo

Image taken from The Nation On Christmas Day an emotional Gogo Mlewa and her grandson entered the dim lights of Golden Peacock Hotel in Lilongwe and walked the red carpet where she received an Honorary Innovative Award.

Gogo Mlewa did not know that people recognised her as she was wheeled into the glittering hall while the audience shouted her name. She turned to her grandson and asked him: “How do these people know us?”

When he presented her the prize, Malawi Filmmakers Association president Isaiah Mkandawire did not hide the fact that he was honoured to meet her.

In October the main character, Agogo, suffered a health scare which disrupted the Gogo Mlewa project as she was admitted to the hospital.

But following the award, Gogo Mlewa is back with more hilarious educative videos tackling trending issues like rape and defilement incidents and of course Covid-19.

“It’s an honour for me, at my age, to have an impact on the lives of thousands of people across the country and beyond. We are working on more videos,” said Gogo Mlewa, real name Leya Ketrina Aziyele Mlewa.

To make it more exciting for the duo, the award was given without submission and connection.

She was especially touched by the fact that the innocent, humorous but educative videos have attracted the attention of viewers beyond Lumbadzi where the production is mostly done.

Her grandson YonaYona Kanga Kantwera was equally overwhelmed and inspired to do more.

“To be able to capture the attention of the whole country is overwhelming. It’s great to hear that through the sharing of our creative videos, we are able to lift others up through laughter. The recognition on Christmas was humbling. We will continue to be creative and humorous at the same time, “said Yona.

The Gogo Mlewa new production has since featured new characters in John Nguluwe of Positive Arts and Emmanuel Mikate just to add diversity and broaden viewer audience.

“We have completed a DVD which is three in one because it has all clips from Volume one, two and three. They have not yet been released due to other logistics. We will only sell upon request.

“Nguluwe and Mikate expressed interest to be part of Gogo Mlewa production. They are both friends and are creative,” he said.

The Gogo Mlewa brand came into the limelight after the Covid-19 pandemic hit Malawi when copyright’s owner released over nine funny videos featuring his grandmother.

The clips took the country by storm and were a hit on social media with thousands sharing the videos on various platforms.

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