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Beauty Friday 💅🏾💋💄NP Elegance a British brand with a touch of the Warm Heart Of Africa.

By Mwayi M

First of all did you know that the beauty industry has blown up to be a £532 billion industry? How do you like the number? Impressive right? The British beauty industry is £17 billion and the number is constantly growing.

Nowadays, the beauty industry is growing faster than ever before. Internet and social media continue to change the way consumers discover new products, engage with brands, and realize the importance of beauty in their life.

Despite the recession, despite the lockdown, despite the austerity measures, the beauty industry in Britain employs over a million people.

The truth is we are all married to some beauty products, others we break up with and sometimes even divorce. Like any longterm relationship, our love affair with makeup and beauty brands is something only a true beauty junkie like myself would understand — and you can count on beauty brand NP Elegance among them that won’t let you down!

Well this week we caught up with the founder of beauty brand NP Elegance Natasha Phiri as she tells us what inspired her to start her own beauty brand.

“Born in Malawi raised in London, both places have informed my passion for beauty and matched it with an undeniable work ethic.For as long as I can remember, I have been obsessed with makeup hair and everything beauty related. I am glad I can now share that with everyone” Natasha Phiri

For those of you that clearly live under a rock and don’t know NP Elegance; NP Elegance is a brand that offers luxurious and affordable beauty products. They provide are luxury mink eyelashes and quality high-shine lipgloss.

Founded by Malawian British entrepreneur Natasha, NP Elegance was birthed from a long standing passion in all things beauty.

For as long as I can remember I have loved looking good and take pride in helping others elevate their look” says Natasha

Based on the branding alone you can tell that a lot of thought, time and passion has been invested; it’s very evident that NP Elegance is more than just beauty products it's the epitome of a luxurious lifestyle.

“We want our customers to exude elegance and have the best feeling when they receive their products. That is why we have focused our attention not only on the quality of our products but also their appearance.”

Their fabulous eyelashes are hand made with precision and each product is thoughtfully designed to cater to different tastes and as the beauty brand expands we can trust that they will continue to upgrade according to their customers preference.

Please follow there Instagram @npelegance visit their website here and sign up to their mailing list for latest offers and new products.