• setiechikwense


Six months out of college and I am jobless, in debt, I have no savings, no prospects and I am broke. How did I get here? The plan was simple, get through college, graduate, and find a well-paying job, exclusively in that order. Where and how did I mess up? Sadly, the world had changed, and I had not changed with it. Companies and organizations no longer lined up on graduation days, looking for fresh graduates to employ. The demand for jobs was higher than the jobs available.

"After College, then what"?

Throughout all of my years in college and sometime after college, I was ignorant about finances. Like most college students, my focus was only on my studies. I had no plan and I didn't think I needed one. Looking back, I realized there were lots of things I could have done to save myself from the state of complete helplessness. Among them are:


Most people have trouble when it comes to saving money. Money will never be enough; saving some of it almost seems impossible but it does not mean it cannot be done. Yes, most students sa