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Beyond Career Day Costumes

Most schools in the country now have a tradition of reserving a special day of the school week for career day. For kindergarteners, it is that special day when they don't have to wear their uniforms and can dress up in the outfits of the career they want to pursue. For these kids, it's a fun day as they get to flaunt their career day costumes.

For older students, a career day is a more structured career awareness activity that a school organizes in collaboration with business partners or higher education institutions to help students connect what they learn in school with what they will encounter in the workplace. It also connects students with business partners and other resources to expose them to a variety of careers and different fields of study.

However, I believe it is past time for schools and parents to make career day more practical in the lives of students by assisting them in gaining real-world experience. When we talk about the youth, we often say that they are our future. But how can we say that they are our future without laying the best foundation for them, especially when it comes to providing opportunities for them to get hands-on experience with what they want to be when they grow up?

What I mean is that, even for kindergarteners, career days in schools must go beyond the costumes. They should understand from a young age that being a nurse entails more than just wearing a nurse's uniform. Outside of the classroom, these children should be given opportunities to develop and nurture their talents. Everyone must contribute to putting children in the spotlight. Faith Mussa set a great example of this last month when he entrusted a 12-year-old Alexandra to be his master of ceremony during his Corporate Tip Concert.

As I mentioned in my previous post, as schools continue to hold career days, they should also make room for students to learn about fields that are less popular. Students must be made aware that, if taken seriously, pottery can be as lucrative as any other profession. Students should be exposed to careers other than doctor, nurse, teacher, and so on.

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