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Blossoming Bongie

With only a handful female artists on the local urban music scene, it has been extremely difficult for upcoming female artists to break through the male dominated industry. Taking social media by storm, the sensational Bongie Melon found a way to grab and maintain attention through her mesmerizing renditions, nailing Eli Njuchi’s songs. She might have just been ‘trying out’ per her manager’s suggestion, however, little did she know that she would steal hearts and receive overwhelming feedback from both music fans and Eli Njuchi himself. What is more rewarding than having fun while doing what you love and landing yourself a sweet deal amid it? Who ever thought that performing covers and creating mashups would be the secret to making a daunting entrance on the male saturated industry? Thanks to social media, here we are.

Taking advantage of the feedback she has received, Bongie’s manager; Nouhata Seven, has announced that there will be a debut video and EP right after the mashup of seven songs with the man of the moment, Eli Njuchi. To paint a picture of the extended play, there will also be an artwork released this week. The extended play dubbed “Melon” will have 5 tracks whose main theme and message will be communicated in due time. Yes, mashups are not new to the musical scene, however from the looks of things, Bongie has hypnotized people with her distinct smooth voice. There are no rules to what you can or cannot do when you are an artist. Bongani Mwase doubles as an artist and a model, pushing limits as she is also currently a student at University of Lilongwe studying towards a Bachelor’s degree in Community development.

Being selected to be featured in Kell Kay’s upcoming project is a step in the right direction. At this point we can expect more representation, fireworks, and exceptional music from the blossoming Bongie Melon.

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