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Chakwera says schools should teach about rights of women and girls by Russle Kondowe

According to Chakwera, education on human rights will effect a generational mindset change about the  rights of women and girls.

Chakwera has also directed ministries of Information and Civic Education to embark on a nationwide awareness campaign using all available platforms and tools to spread messages about the rights of women and girls, ensuring that these are both interactive at a domestic level and accessible to men and boys.

The president has also told Ministries of Justice and Gender to prepare amendments to relevant pieces of legislation as means of addressing the increasing cases of Gender Based Violence (GBV).

Chakwera wants the amendments to include the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Code, which will help to fast track the disposal of cases of GBV, to exert stiffer mandatory penalties against culprits and to establish a Sex Offenders Register.

Cases rape of women and girls have reached alarming levels this year with over 1700 cases reported.

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