Change And Engage Don't Fetishise: Black Girl Magic by Tina Charisma

Women empowerment movements have gone on for years. One would think that we are getting somewhere with all the rights that we keep demanding, especially when it comes to black female ethnic groups, who are now in the generation of "Black girl magic, melanin popin, melanin on fleek" and many other terms that have been used to celebrate black women particularly via social media hashtags. For many, this seems to be the time for every black girl to be alive, right? By the sounds of it we are queening!

However in reality we are not quite there yet, despite all the campaigns and advocacy galore so much still needs to be done to bridge gaps that still exist. I am super passionate about the movements that are out there encouraging and pushing for change and as a campaigner and writer myself I am one of those people who strongly and passionately believe that we still have a long way to go. Some people often appear alienated from the struggles that exist within community groups that they do not belong to. For instance there are many who may find it hard to understand the importance of natural hair movements amongst black female ethnic groups because they frankly may have never encountered prejudice based on their physical appearance.

My principle and commitment to any cause or issue has always been based on my core values, beliefs and faith whether a campaign is aimed at supporting black women who have historically always been at the bottom of the social hierarchy and have for generations had their identity and images dictated, or whether a campaign is based on equal pay for all women - one should be compelled to stand up for change irrespective of who they benefit.

Many people have the 'it's not my business mentality'