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Cheers To The Women Who Made Our JANUARY

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Today is the last day of the month of January! Yay, I'm starting to believe that "January does have several other months within it". This month brought a lot of uncertainty and crushed our hopes and dreams of everything finally returning to normalcy as a result of the pandemic, (which we have now accepted to live with). Fortunately, we had some unique individuals who, while going about their individual endeavors, helped lighten our fears and restore the little hope we had. As a result, this post will pay tribute to some of the wonderful women and girls who reminded us that, despite what else is going on in the world, we must not give up and that, through our accomplishments, some people can find hope.

Ellen Simwaka is one of the country's most ruthless boxers, having clearly established her territory both within and outside the country. Let us be honest, boxing is not a popular sport in Malawi in general, and female boxing is even less popular. However, there have been some boxing industry names who have expressed a desire to change this narrative, among them is a 24 year old Ellen Simwaka. She returned to the ring after surviving Covid -19 with a bang by defeating a former World Boxing Federation champion. Ellen recently won ESPN Africa's first female fight. A true champion!

Hanna Sukali, the little girl who became known as Fatsani as a result of the Fatsani film in which she played the lead role. Even though the film received mostly negative reviews in its home country, let us not forget that a 13-year-old girl made a name for herself in her first film role. Hanna was nominated for the best promising actor at the Africa Film Academy Awards in 2021. We are grateful to the Fatsani Film for introducing us to this wonderful young actress, who we know will be a part of Malawi's film industry in the future.

Wendy Harawa is not a new name in the music industry; she is someone who made rebranding in the music industry appear so simple that it is difficult to imagine or remember what she was like before she switched to gospel . She has been holding shows, attending events, running her foundation (Harawa foundation), and collaborating with several international artists, including Abel Chungu (a renowned Zambian artist). She truly embodies the spirit of a true Malawian queen, hardworking and always looking forward to her next big project. We wish her the best of luck as she prepares for her upcoming Kenya media tour, which will take place from February 4th to February 7th.

Who else do you think should be added to this list?