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'Comparison robs you of joy' Agness Mpoto Bandazi take on Women's mental Health Awareness.

As a mother of two toddler boys, I have struggled with body image issues, being someone who was naturally slim, my body changed after bringing my two Kings into this world. And as much as that is the greatest gift and am very grateful, the other side to it is accepting the body you are currently living in. Ofcourse that's easier said than done but being mindful, practising self love and being comfortable with who you are now will not only help you to live in the moment by focusing your attention to your baby and the people you love, But also approach yourself in a more positive way.

The way you talk to yourself changes and essentially you put out a positive energy into the world.

Know this; Comparison robs you of joy, you are unique and life is meant to be lived now, even if you have goals and dreams, remember that in-between those goals, there is a things called life and its meant to be lived in abundance

With love ❤

👑Agness Mpoto Bandazi👑

•Instagram: @Angie

#EndTheStigma #Youarenotalone

As you know, this month is Mental Health awareness month.

Around one in five women have a common mental health problem such as depression and anxiety. While there can be many reasons why these develop, some risk factors affect many women.

To commemorate this disease and show that those suffering from mental illness are not alone, we would love for you to be part of our #EndTheStigma campaign.

Please would you send us either a video/quote or a short story of your experience dealing with mental illness and how you overcame it. If you wish to stay anonymous, we will post your story without your name.

Please include these key words #EndTheStigma and #youAreNotAlone in your post. You can send us your content for this on Instagram or via

#mentalhealthawarenessmonth #youarenotalone #endthestigma #Malawiangirlsrock

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