Driven by passion for fashion. By Brian Itai

A group of passionate advocates trading under the name Fashion For Change Global, are set to make an impact in the area of afforestration. Driven by their passion for fashion, the youthful group is using that bait to woo fellow youths to participate in various enviroment conservation initiatives across the country.

What is your name and what position do you hold at Fashion for Change Global? I am Ausa Tinyade Kamanga and I am the campaign manager for the movement.

When you say Fashion For Change Global, what ideologies do you represent? We are young advocates in Malawi who are passionate about arts and bringing about change in our world today through fashion, music and art in general. As art enthusiasts we work on concepts to campaign for any environmental issues while advocating for a cause. In the just ended year we worked on an afforestation campaign under the theme Sustain Green, Plant For The Future.

What are the objectives of the movement? Our main objective is to raise funds, involve individuals and corporates to participate when we are planting trees and making donations as part of our corporate social responsibility. We want to reach our goal of planting one million trees or even exceed that number and make sure that all catchment areas are covered.

What are the notable initiatives that you undertake under this umbrella movement? Strictly we focus on afforestation with a serious underlying theme of fashion. We want to hit our target first, the one I have highlighted earlier. Maybe that’s when we will shift our focus to other issues to do with the environment as well.

As youths, where do you derive the inspiration to be driving such an agenda? We want to create a better environment for the next generation. We realise that if we don’t do it now, no one is going to do it. We are considering the so many things that have been affected because we do not have enough vegetative cover starting from the agriculture sector to technology.