End of Year Anxiety

Now that we are in the last month of the year, are you as nervous and anxious as I am? What did I accomplish in the past 11 months? Am I anywhere near close to achieving my goals? What happens next? Am I even ready for next year? These are some of the questions that most of us are grappling with as the year draws towards its end.

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Before you start the making comparisons and beating yourself up, let me start off by saying that you are still breathing! You made it against all odds. You survived and are still surviving the COVID-19 pandemic and everything it has brought with it: the high cost of living, and so on. Yes, some of you have met your goals and even outrun yourself by accomplishing far more than you anticipated ,congratulations! Some of you didn’t even set any goals, if that works for you then no problem, and some of you didn’t achieve the goals which you set, don’t beat yourself up, you didn’t fail, you will learn from those mistakes and do better next year.

While listing accomplishments, we often list the quantifiable achievements, like the money we made, the number of business deals we closed, or the amount of weight we lost. In the process we tend to overlook other factors which could be counted as big achievements, for instance, paying monthly bills , making new friends, visiting new places, and managing to get up each time you fell.

Too often we spend a lot of time planning for our future, but not nearly enough time reflecting on our past and present. You may think that you have not accomplished anything this year, but odds are you have – you just haven’t taken the time to reflect and acknowledge it-

A new year is like a basket full of surprises, new possibilities, new lessons, and more. Instead of worrying about what the future will bring, let us be grateful for what we have now as well as remain hopeful. The end of the year is not a time to be worrying about the past, the present, or the future; rather, it is a time to appreciate the past, present, and future.

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