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Performing in other countries and breaking boundaries with music is but a dream for many artists in Malawi. Thanks to technology, Esther Lewis lived this aspiration when she performed at 75th anniversary commemoration of CARE International.

The talented singer and song-writer was spotted at the inaugural gender Equality conference in Lilongwe, earlier this year. Lewis was hand-picked by Care to perform in front of the current president of the United States Joe Biden as well as former presidents Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and George. W. Bush alongside Grammy award nominees and winners, producers, actors among others.

Lewis dished out her song “Hope” sending words of encouragement across the world to victims of gender and domestic violence. Gracefully introduced to the world class stage by CARE’s humanitarian awardee for that night, Charlize Theron, whose organization focuses on offering support to victims of gender and domestic violence who are mostly women. Lewis made a very powerful statement with her heartfelt performance which was shot and streamed at KBG’s studio in Lilongwe and further edited by NVAK team in the USA.

Kudos to Esther, for not only being the only Malawian to perform but also meaningfully utilizing her art to give voice to the voiceless, by taking a powerful stance against gender and domestic violence. For being fearless and artistically bringing forth struggles that young girls and women are facing in their day to day lives to leaders and influential figures.

May we emulate her behavior by using our talents in making a difference. Hail Queen Esther!!!

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