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Female Malawian Writers and their books

Malawi’s history has been beautifully and meticulously expressed through the country’s talented creatives who have helped to shape the country’s economic, social and political systems. A field that was previously dominated by men is now seeing an increase in the number of female creatives, some of whom have managed to get their creative work published. The brilliant writers are using their craft to not only provide stories but to promote the rights of women

The section that follows recognizes the country’s female writers who have come with all forms of storytelling, whether in the form of novels, poetry or spoken word.

Stella Chipasula

The Heinemann Book of African Women’s Poetry

You may access this book from the following:



Indie Bound


Walije Gondwe

Love’s Dilemma

Love Match

Imperfect Partners

Guitar Wizard

I Still Miss Him

The following books may be accessed from:


Central Bookshop

Times Bookshop

Witimba Bookshop and Stationery

Cecilia Hasha

The Ants: Short Stories from Malawi

This book can be purchased from the following:


Central Bookshop

Witimba Bookshop and Stationery

Phindu Zaie

A Malawian feminist passionate about using poetry to advocate for social justice. She uses raw emotion to illustrate the various dimensions of femininity.

Link to the audiobook Bodies are (not) Homes:

Upile Chisala

A Malawian storyteller who writes unapologetically about mental health, womanhood and the colour of her skin. The writer has three books of poetry, A Fire Like You, Soft Magic and Nectar. Both Soft Magic and Nectar have been published by Andrews Mcmeel.

All books can be bought at the following:

Barnes and Noble


Indie Bound

Nancy Phiri

Chiombankhanga ndi Nthano Zina

This book can be purchased from:


Priscilla Semphere

Ekari Leaves Malawi

The book can be purchased from:

Central Bookshop

Witimba Bookshop and Stationery

Monica Machado


Should you wish to purchase the book online:

Physical Copies are available at the following:

Four Seas