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Fitness journey with Maziko Phiri


This QUEEN initially started working out for a six pack... Like we all do 😉 because at the time she was a little on the bigger side.

What started as a journey to just lose some weight here and there turned out to become her favorite way to decompress.

"I was 52kg when I started my fitness journey and I’m 59 now. While most of the weight gain is muscle, a couple of years ago I would have freaked out if I saw the scale read, and now I couldn’t be more proud of myself for committing to a healthy lifestyle that isn’t based on a number on the scale

This QUEENS favorite workout tip is quality over quantity.

"The way you move your body and the form that you have during a workout is far more important than the number of reps you get in"

- Maziko Phiri

Queen, you're an inspiration 🙌🏽👏🏽💪🏽




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