Hazel Mak - I choose to challenge.


I choose to challenge women to stand up for themselves whatever the current state of your personal or professional relationships, take a moment to consider where you sometimes stay silent rather than speaking up to make a stand for yourself.

Anyone with a social media account knows that in addition to the internet’s blessings (e.g. my dope music videos 😜) it’s where some of the harshest critics abound. For women whose jobs require living in the spotlight, having thick skin and a sharp, savvy tongue remain two unspoken requirements for dealing with unwelcome barbs tied to their appearance, bodies, race, rights, politics, and more on the daily.

The notion that women should know their place and how society teaches girls to dimm their light and stay silenced so we don’t offend fragile minded people or challenge the status quo. I’m sure some of you have seen my clap backs...I mean “If you clap, I clap back” I’m petty I know but the truth is as an artist I always try to use my voices to speak out against the lowest of trolls, stand up against ignorance, I’m unapologetic about my belief and fight for basic human decency.

So many people allow others to step on their dignity and treat them with a lack of respect, care or kindness. But at the core of it lies our fear of what might happen if we do stand up for ourselves. That we’ll be further humiliated or be ostracised and that we’ll have to deal with an ugly fall out from nasty negative Nancy’s and Normans (please don’t be offended if those are your babies names I love babies I have one of those myself lol). That we’ll only end up feeling worse about ourselves that we already do.