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Holding the Film Fort

The Malawian film industry has been progressing at a snail pace with less people in the industry especially women. However, this year things have taken a perfect turn with films that are set to be released seemingly promising with the trailers that have been released thus far. To make it even better women are on the forefront in the male dominated industry from acting to screen writing. All thanks to the women that came before the ones that are there now the Flora Suya’s and Joyce Chavula Mhango.

As big as the movie Fatsani is, the protagonist is a very young nogirl. Hannah Sukali has defied odds in changing the face of what it means to be a child actor and celebrity in Malawi.Appearing on Womanity and being the face of the media tour leading to the premier has really created how much of a big role woman can play in the creative media industry especially Malawi’s budding film industry.

Continuing to mark our territory as women in the film industry, Cathreen Star Mlenga an actress and screen writer stormed social media yesterday with a one minute plus trailer of her movie “Sowing Seeds. The trailer has received quite unbelievably positive feedback from people across the country. Mlenga through the trailer has proved that she is beyond an actress by producing the movie.

Regardless of the fact that these two young women have paved way for other actresses and marked our territory, both stories tackle realistic issues like surge in early marriages, teenage pregnancies, high school dropout rate and gender based violence among other issues that the average Malawian girl faces. In this age and time nothing captures heart like arts. In the spirit of collaboration over competition and being heard ever than before, let us purchase merchandise as well as tickets for both movie premieres set for April 30 and July 3rd respectively. Kudos girls for holding down the fort.

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