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How to identify if a child has been molested. A Twitter thread by Oluwaferanmi.

I once promised to make a thread on HOW to identify if a child has been molested or if you suspect a child is being molested...

Let’s do this🙏🏽🌸❤️

Now, family. Please note that I am only advising on the best of my knowledge where possible.

I might miss some points.

Some of you may know other forms of identification🙏🏽

I will touch on what I understand through experience working with children ❤️

Also please remember I specialize with the follow age groups 0-9 year olds.

So with much older children, I have yet to learn🙏🏽

Let’s do this!

Now in most cases, children will NEVER directly speak up that they are being molested or sexually abused from home or wherever they are most of the time.

And as an adult you might not even know. You might mistake certain behaviors as “this is such a naughty child”

Which is why I always urge adults to be cautious when disciplining children. Because sometimes a child might be trying to tell you something through their behavior and you are shutting them out.

Now this is a strange way of identifying molestation in children BUT you need to analyze or pay attention to what a child is drawing.

Now. At 6/ 7 years old, a child’s drawing is at the level of being in detail (adding hair or rounder shapes and fingers etc.) right.

If a child’s detail in drawing includes circles on the breast area, and scribbling on the genital area, DO NOT IGNORE IT!

I made an example. I’m not an artist but I want to show you what I’m talking about.

If a child pays too much detail to those body parts, you have to pay attention! This is a representation of what a child is likely being exposed to.

Check the handwriting.

Sexual abuse does cause anger in children. Watch HOW the child grips a pencil and writes. In many cases,children who are being abused show their anger through writing.

If a pencil is gripped TOO TIGHT & page is being pressed on too hard, pay attention

So we have two things. Detailed drawings and the manner in which the drawings and writings are done.

Now, moving along.


Remember, children who are molested are angry and do not have an idea how to express what is going on in their minds and at home.

This is where you may start to struggle with a child who displays stubbornness when given instructions AND sensitivity when reprimanded

It’s easy to say “you are naughty! I’m going to punish you”

But we really need to understand and communicate with children BEFORE disciplining them.

This is the part where you need to sit down with a child and ask them to explain WHY they behave the way they do.

Create a safe space FIRST for children to be able to communicate their behavior with you.

And this works in a lot of cases, they start to open up.

So it’s drawings, pencil grip and behavior. Three red flags already to a child who is possibly molested.

Now..this is a sensitive one but scent HAS to be monitored.

You are NOT allowed to touch a child BUT you can stand at reasonable distance and smell how the child smells💔

I’ve had a sad experience with this one before. Young girls coming into class with a stench that does suggest that they were molested💔

It is usually a strong urine-like stench.

Also, while on the topic of urine-like stench.

Children with extremely weak bladder and no explainable medical certificate.


This would mean a child just pees uncontrollably wherever they are. 💔

No clear explanation from the parent/guardian or medical certificate from a doctor.