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Is the Malawian Entertainment Industry Male?

RJ the DJ, one of the country's most well-known DJs and my favorite, expressed her dissatisfaction with Malawi's event organizers for consistently undervaluing female entertainers in the entertainment business. She asked innocently on Twitter what the event organizers had against female entertainers. Her inquiry was really legitimate, given that many gatherings, or events, whether social or corporate, prefer male artists, particularly when it comes to selecting headliners.

Take a look at some of the big events that have occurred in the last five months, UMAMI, Beer Land , to mention a few. Female entertainers are often included as supporting artists alone. They are only granted the honor of headlining an event if it is a female-only event or the artist's own event, such as an album launch or a music show.

There are many wonderful and incredibly talented female entertainers who would be far more successful if they were given the opportunity to demonstrate their talents. It should alarm everyone because if the majority of these event organizers are unable to recognize and value female entertainers, how can the audience learn to accept, appreciate, and compensate these entertainers for their worth?

In the next years, I, for one, hope to see more female entertainers as headliners at various events. This seemingly minor but significant improvement in the industry will assist a large number of female entertainers, who are clearly undervalued on many levels, and will undoubtedly inspire aspiring female entertainers. This, I feel, will open up various chances for these entertainers, such as endorsements or brand ambassadorship offers.

The moment has come for female entertainers to take over the entertainment industry, not just as artists, but also as professionals in top management positions. For example, artist managers, event organizers, or brand representatives who should be able to influence high-level industry decisions that favor and encourage female artists.

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