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Kamala Harris' VP election and what this means for women

The results of the presidential elections that took place in the United States have revealed Joe Biden as the president-elect and Kamala Harris as not only the vice-president elect but the first black women in office. She embodies the several challenges that face black women all over the world but she has shown that if we’re determined then anything is possible despite the odds that are against us.

Harris is dedicated to marginalized groups such as women and people of colour and the multiplier effect that her election can have is in the form of funding that comes from the United States to countries like Malawi. Organisations in Malawi that are dedicated to serving women and children may receive more funding and more appropriate surveillance in order to ensure efficient service provision and this can have impeccable effects on the services that are provided to women and children through these organisations.

Harris’ political presence can serve as an example to female politicians in Malawi that despite the inequality that is prevalent in the country, it is still possible to be elected into a position that requires our decisions to make positive changes. Her election also serves as a message to the young girls around the world to keeping chasing their dreams and understanding that although the journey will not be easy it does not mean that it will not be worth it. The famous quote delayed does not mean denied has been well represented by Harris.

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