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Learn To Believe Women

Felistus Nya-Uyu Ngwira recently revealed that one of the executives offered her 10 million kwacha in exchange of having sex with her. This shocking incident occurred as she was planning the Nya Uyu Night of Laughter event . Nyauyu revealed in a Facebook post that this man also offered her sponsorship and partnership opportunities.

Her statement was met with a variety of reactions from the general public; what stood out to me the most was that many people called her a liar and dismissed her statements as a publicity stunt. Remember, this is the woman who had an amazing filled out show being accused of seeking attention after the show, how does that even work?

I also came across several comments on social media that seemed to dismiss her claims, claiming that no one would pay that much money to have sex with a woman, and that if they did, the woman would not be Felistus.It is weird that people were quick to shut her down with such problematic views. It is insane to defend an unknown man who allegedly used his position to harass a woman, and believe you me this cannot be the first time he has done it.

Yes, we live in a society which finds it difficult to believe women or somehow finds a way of blaming women for the abuse which they receive from men. But can we at least learn to grant women benefit of doubt? Here is a woman who has never done anything throughout her years in the industry that would make us question her character.

I applaud Felistus for being brave and exposing what female entertainers face in the entertainment industry and other work places. When she opened up and turned down the amount of money that could have changed her life, this woman jeopardized her career. We are busy crucifying her instead of applauding her for being strong-willed, morally grounded, and professional for trusting her art to carry her through her career.

I understand that her opening up appears futile to many people, but believe me when I say that it has sent a warning to those in positions of power and influence who have and have had the same ideas of abusing their positions. It has given women, not just entertainers, the power to speak up so that they do not have to suffer in silence.

That simple Facebook post has and will continue to save many women from predatory men in positions of power. Even if the perpetrator has not faced any consequences, they are well aware that if they continue their stinky behavior, they will be exposed one day.

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