Malawi’s First Ever Film Festival !

Five years ago, you couldn't name five Malawian films; but today, you have several options to choose from such as Fatsani, Tsanzo, and Submerged, just to name a few. This proves that the country's film industry is booming. For movie producers, actors, and other film industry professionals as well as us viewers, this is excellent news. In the last few years, the film business has experienced a huge boot like never before and I am personally excited to see how far we can go!

The filmmakers have been relentless in honing their craft and the Film Association of Malawi (FAMA) has also been doing its part in contributing to the industry's transformation. And talk of FAMA, it is with great pleasure that I remind you that FAMA will be holding the first ever Malawi Film Festival. The topic of the festival is "Film Making for Social Economic Growth and Cultural Preservation." The festival will be held at the Golden Peacock Hotel in Lilongwe from the 25th to the 26th of November this year. I personally very ecstatic to witness what this does for the industry.

Prior to the festival, FAMA requested submissions from Malawian filmmakers and a large number of them turned up. According to the Malawi film festival's Facebook page, they received 32 films in total, of which 11 are feature films, 19 short movies and two documentaries.

For this big event, FAMA has invited a variety of guests, including international performers who will serve as judges. The list includes, Mr. Nguzu from Zambia, an actor well-known for his part in the Mpali Film series, which airs on the Zambezi Magic channel.

FAMA intends to spice up the event with a variety of exciting activities such as film producer conversations, panel discussions with private sector representatives, presentations, and film awards.

It is only right that we participate in this fantastic event, in whatever capacity. This is just the beginning of greater and more exciting things to happen in the film industry and we ought to be part of it.

So, grab your ticket if you haven' t already!