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Malawi ; Sometimes a God-Fearing Nation

Just when we thought things couldn't get any more dramatic, the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, and Wildlife issued a signed statement denying an entertainment permit to Zodwa, a South African dancer scheduled to perform at Dominics on June 10,2022. The Ministry is said to have viewed the stage performance through the censorship board and declared it morally degrading. In other words, our country is too moral to engage in such immoral behavior.

Each person has their own ideas about how the problem should be handled. However, I am struck by our country's hypocrisy and obsession with trivial matters. It's as if every now and then we pick one illogical issue and choose to focus all of our attention on it, such misdirected tenacity. This, I believe, gives us the impression that we are doing something when we are not.

Our fate as a God-fearing country appears to be our continued obsession with trivial matters that have little to no bearing on the development of our country. I believe it is past time for us to evaluate "our values," "what we stand for" as a country, because it appears that we are focusing on the wrong things, which will do very little for this country.

Almost every week, we hear about mismanagement of funds in various government sectors, corrupt government officials, violence in our streets, and harsher living conditions for our citizens. But, perhaps, all of these issues are "normal in a God-fearing nation," because they don't seem to rile us up to take immediate action, as we have done with so many minor issues. Our rage, seriousness, and discipline are all directed at the wrong things.

If we had dealt with corruption and other toxic habits that tarnished our country's reputation, we would have been amongst the most developed and peaceful countries in the world, and not just on paper.

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