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Malawi To The World!

Our flag's lovely colors, black, red, and green represent every Malawian, whether home or abroad. As Malawians, we may disagree on many issues, but one thing is certain: "we all want to see these colors shine brightly, and we all want our flag to soar higher than the stars. As a result, we salute every Malawian who is doing us proud, even if they are in different time zones than us.

I know how we Malawians are quick to claim anyone whose name even somewhat resembles a Chichewa or other native language phrase or word. Remember when we made it our mission to claim the famous Tinashe Kachingwe? How did we get over that one? Anyway, today I discovered Lois Chimimba (pronounced Loyce), a Scottish actress who, by realizing her aspirations, is also helping us achieve our "Malawi to the World" dream.

According to Wikipedia, Lois was born in Scottland on August 16, 1991, to a Malawian father and a Scottish mother. She and her family spent a little time in Malawi before moving back to the United Kingdom (UK) where she is currently based.

Lois on The Good Doctor

In the UK, Lois studied acting at Mount view Academy of Theatre and had her television debut in 2014 in the drama Holby City. She has since appeared in a number of television shows, including Trust Me, Doctor Who, and Vigil. She also became a Netflix celebrity after appearing in the Netflix drama The One.

Among her most notable achievements, Lois was nominated for the British Academy of Film and Television Arts in Scotland (Baftas Scotland) under the Best Actress category!

Now that we've claimed her or are free to claim her, we can demonstrate our support by watching her shows and following her on all her social media pages (@ Loi.chimimba_Instagram,@Loischimimba_Twitter,).Malawi to the World!

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