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"Male Championship" - A twitter thread by Lusakalanga

Men do the bare minimum that doesn’t even qualify as allyship & they’re put on pedalstools, we let them into our spaces, they get paid jobs as “champions of gender equality” etc. Then we clutch our pearls we find out they are abusers.

This is a big problem in Malawi’s women’s movement. We must reflect on our complicity & lack of due diligence. Suffice to say, this “male engagement”, “male championship” has caused more harm than good, giving immunity to men who we should be holding accountable.

We must ask ourselves if we’ve benefited from giving access to these men. In those feminist conferences, boards, consultancies etc where we have de-centred ourselves for these men, what value has been added? At what cost? Have we listened to women? I’m fucking tired of us!

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