Mfumukazi takeover where are they now - Wezi Mzumara

In commemoration of international Womens day in 2018 we launched the 'Mfumukazi MGR Take Over' on all our social media platforms for the whole month of March.

The aim was to experience the life of different Malawian women and what it means to be a woman in their world. We wanted to celebrate their achievements while calling for gender equality. Years later we are back with the same women to find out what has changed since 2018, with this in mind, meet Wezi Mzumara.

Q: What motivated you to start Kwanza Pr?

A: Initially Kwanza PR was established as Malawi Wo Yee as an avenue of promoting Malawian talent in the diaspora. So when starting out we worked with artists such as Hazel Mak, Sean Focus, Metamore and WUN at the time. Over time the idea an concept behind the business grew and changed and now we have the boutique PR & Events agency.

Q: Would you say that you're operating in purpose?

A: Our main purpose and goal is to promote Malawian talent and all things Malawian across the world which we now do across across arts & entertainment, fashion, hospitality/tourism. Pretty much showing you the authentic cosmopolitan Malawi you never see but exists.

Q: What is it like operating in a Male dominated market?

A: Extremely difficult you have to work twice as hard at anything to get to where you want to be. You’ll find yourself in very compromising situations working in a space where there are a lot of men. There have been countless times where I’ve felt very uncomfortable or something innapropriate has been said to me, from this I’ve learnt that if you have a core set of beliefs and values and stick by them then you can push through such situations.

Q: What do you think the biggest misconception people have of fashion is?

A: I think that when people look at fashion they just think its for the women and youth which is not the case. Fashion is part of everybodies daily lives. If it wasn’t we would still be walking around in loin cloths…which still can be seen as being trendy but we prefer to be more clothed. Fashion and style is an expression of who you are as a person. Your style speaks volumes about your character.

Q: What is one decision you wish you didn't make?

A: Constantly second guessing myself. Over the years I’ve had this feeling that what I’m doing is not the right path of what I want to be doing so would always second guess myself and my ability to do the most.

Q: How do you feel that Mfumukazi contributed to your achievements?