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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

The colorful Mother's Day branded Chitenje have already started being sold by our roadsides. A hard to miss reminder that an important day is just around the corner. This special day provides an opportunity to children and anyone else to express gratitude to their mothers or mother figures. So, if you're still stuck on what gift to get for mother's Day, then this article is for you. Here are some thoughtful gifts you can give your mother that aren't the usual Chitenje.

Do something in their honor: Most of Malawian mothers are very active in their churches or community. Offering to step in or help them carry out some of the activities which matter to them can be one of the best gifts you can offer. In this case you can help them carry out some charity work if they are involved in one or any of their church activities.

Cook something nice for them: You can cook them their favorite meal and prepare it in the way which they like. You don’t have to beat yourself about it if you don’t prepare it exactly the way they do, chances are they will appreciate the gesture.

The gift of time: It can be difficult for children to spend more time with their parents as they grow older. Mother's Day provides an excellent opportunity for both children and parents to spend quality time together while off from work or school. You can even spice up this time together by including brunch or a barbecue.

Print a favorite photo of them: Everyone appreciates a good self-portrait. You can make the most of this by printing and framing a favorite photo of your mother. You can also have an artist draw or paint a portrait of them if you want to make it more personal and artistic.

While you're deciding on which one you think is the best gift , remember that you're the one who knows her best, and the best gifts aren't always the most expensive.

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