Motherhood and Wellness, why what you’re doing isn’t working.

By @mixedmombrownbabies Jazmyn Authentic Motherhood

You’ve been putting yourself last and you’re always left feeling empty.

You’ve held your pee the two hours it took you to cook dinner and get the kids in bed.

You’ve ate cold food because while the kids ate their hot dinner you were cleaning.

You’ve put off showering for days because “life got busy”.

You’ll reheat your coffee more times than you can count today while your little one tugs at your legs to play with them.

But why?

Yes, these times don’t last long. Yes, soon they won’t need you as much. Yes, one day they’ll be heading off to start their own families. And when that day comes, ask yourself, would you be happy if your child did the same things you did?

Would you encourage them as they cried on the phone about how they hadn’t had a good nights sleep in months?

Would you cheer them on as they told you how they put everyone else’s needs before their own?

Would you tell your child to enjoy it while it lasted because soon it’ll be over?

No…Then why do you do that to yourself?

Your child is watching you. They are learning how to be in this world by what they see form you.

You’re the one who puts everyone before them. You’re the one who bends over backwards to please everyone. You’re the one who has become a martyr in her own home.

What do you except your child will become when they start their own family? There’s a saying, you can only mimic what you’ve seen.

Put yourself first momma. If not for yourself, then do it for your kids.

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