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Muti Gama's take on postpartum and staying fit 🤰🏽💪🏾🤸🏾🇲🇼

"I have always been on the chubby side of life since my childhood days, infact the smallest I have ever weighed is 69kgs😅 after I banted for a month, sometime in 2916. Fast forward to getting pregnant, my body ballooned jyooo!! I gave birth weighing 103kgs, the heaviest I have ever weighed😬

6 months postpartum I decided to do something about the baby weight. So I joined the gym and gave myself 2 to 3 months to get "my body" back.. crazy right, I know🤭. Along the way however, I came to realise that this body did an amazing job of hosting another precious life for a good 10months, hence getting the body back was not going to be an Easy 2 or 3 month mission as presumed. I then changed the goal to gaining physical fitness and generally being healthy.

Since then I enjoy my workouts more and I'm more dedicated, the mission is to lead a healthy and active lifestyle 🤸🏾💪🏾 I haven't been on the scale in the last 3 or 4 months because I no longer care about the numbers but I'm glad to see my endurance levels getting higher and generally being fit.

Losing weight is hard, losing baby weight is ever hardER. Of course we have different bodies, some easily get their nice flat tummy and fine hour glass figure right after giving birth, without even any effort BUT some of us ndi izi tikulemba nazo long post apazi. So my country people be kind, be sensitive potiyankhula! Think twice before telling that friend/sister/colleague how they have gained so much weight or how they are taking long to lose baby weight, it's tough out here! Achina "muphulika" Aja muchepetse!"

Muti Gama

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