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Netball Superstar Mwai Kumwenda Signs Endorsement Deal

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Malawi’s very own netball superstar Mwai Kumwenda, who is now based in Australia playing for the Melbourne Vixens, signed a two year endorsement deal with Puma to become their brand ambassador which follows a sponsorship deal the former Netball World Cup best netballer had with motor vehicle franchise dealers Berwick Nissan. Shattering glass ceilings and surpassing expectations seem to be no problem for this Malawian girl, truly taking Malawi to the world with her capabilities and presence.

The exceptional sportswoman has also recently launched her first pair of signature shoes with the German brand and they sport the Malawian flag embedded into the design. The goals that Mwai has achieved is a reminder to all girls’ especially Malawian girls that we can excel in the things that we are passionate about. The boundaries are in our minds and she is living proof of this, too often we are told that coming from Malawi is the biggest obstacle towards reaching any goal but it has been proven time and time again that this is not true. The opportunities being created by women like Mwai are beneficial to the country as a whole and as a Malawian girl myself I could not be more inspired.

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