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A 12 Year Old Wonder

At only Twelve years old, Shamiso Chikoti has the title "author" added to her biography. Shamiso wrote a children’s book titled ‘Wonders’ with the help of her parents. Here is a brilliant little girl who decided to share her thoughts, ideas, stories and imagination with the rest of the world! Children have a very wild and vivid imagination, all we have to do is nurture it.

Stories play a vital role in the growth and development of children. The Books they read become a window through which they view the rest of the world from. By reading, children are exposed to different cultures, meet characters from different walks of life and experience a new world all together. Children’s books are a good source of information for children. The stories are educative, motivating, and entertaining. Reading helps boost children’s confidence levels, helps them cope with different feelings, and relate to different types of people.

Children enjoy telling stories as much as they enjoy listening to these stories. Parents and guardians are entrusted with the role of making sure that these stories are shared and live on forever. Children tell different stories in different ways. For instance, some children tell their stories through art, craft, innovations, dance, and more. Parents should be encouraged to nurture their children’s creative side, by either being supportive or by providing the necessary services and materials to help the children explore their creative sides.

A little girl, Anna Frank, was gifted a Diary on her 13th Birthday. The Diary became one of the most famous diaries to ever be written.-The Diary of a Young Girl.

Parents should create an environment that nurtures and welcomes their children's creativity and brilliant ideas. Sometimes children might just have an idea of what they want to do but lack the expertise and guidance, that is where parents or guardians can come in. Just because a child cannot write it doesn’t mean, she or he cannot write a book. For instance, if your child is too young to write, you can have them dictate the story to you but remain as accurate as possible when taking this approach.

I am encouraging parents and guardians to purchase this book for their children as soon as the book is made available for purchase. Reading books written by a fellow child will help your child relate to the author and the characters.

“Wonders” will be launched at Latitude 13 Hotel in Lilongwe, on the 10th of September, 2021. Brilliance comes from different ages. Children should be given a platform such as this where they can freely express themselves.

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