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Not Just A Trend

A young woman posts a picture on Facebook, and several social media users flood her comment section, not to compliment her, but to reprimand her for not wearing a bra. How could she not wear a bra, especially when she is a mother whose breast are now saggy?

I found it odd that women and girls joined the chorus of criticizing this young woman considering that most women and girls find bras to be extremely constricting and uncomfortable. For most women, going braless is liberating, I mean normally, after a long day, most women forward to getting home and removing their bras.

Breasts are one of many female body parts that, according to tradition, should be hidden from public view. It is fair to say that women are shamed for having breasts and reminding everyone that they have them. Sagging breasts, pointy breasts, their sizes are usually under public scrutiny. Wearing bras is one of the many societal constraints imposed on the female body.

When will our society accept breasts and other female body parts as normal, something bound to change as someone ages? (this is said in cases of where women are shamed for having saggy breasts) Why is it so difficult to let women be themselves? why I it so hard to let women make healthy decisions about their bodies at will? When will people realize that a woman should be left alone to make decisions about her body ranging from big decisions up to the small decisions?

Some people are attempting to minimize the free the nipple movement (going braless) by saying it is just a trend that will eventually fade away. Most of us see it as more than that; it is a declaration of our right to make our own decisions. It is about accepting and defining our femininity as we see fit rather than in accordance with what society expects.

Addressing small parts of equality can make a big difference in how people are treated on a day to day basis- Brit Hoagland

Now that summer is here , and most fashionable summer outfits don't really accommodate bras, let this article serve as a reminder that no one can tell how a woman carries her body or chooses to dress it.

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