One Quote At A Time

I understand how some people feel about "inspirational and motivational quotes," some think they're corny, and some think they were coined by someone who didn't know what he or she was talking about. Regardless of how corny or unbelievable some of these quotes appear, there have been times when everything else has failed and all you have to cling to is a simple phrase that will keep you going. Here are four simple quotes that have aided me and, hopefully, will assist you as well.

The best is yet to come: Sometimes you may feel like you've reached a dead end, that nothing seems to be working for you. Consider how many times you have felt this way in the past and where you are now. Always remind yourself that when you start to lose hope.

You lose nothing by being kind: I recall a stranger paying for my transportation fare when I lost mine in 2008, as well as many other strangers and friends who showed kindness to me without expecting anything in return. I know there are some individuals who believe that they have to act all tough and might sometimes end up being mean to people without any reason. May this be a reminder that being kind costs nothing at all. Remember to hold a door for a stranger today, help someone who is struggling without expecting anything in return. Their gratitude will surely make your day.

If life were predictable it would cease to be life, and colorful. When life gets tough, you may wish that it were more predictable so that you could avoid doing certain things. But the most exciting aspect of life is that no one knows what tomorrow will bring. The only thing you can do is maintain a positive attitude so that no matter what tomorrow brings, good or bad, you will always have hope that you will figure it out.

As Nike put it Just do it! easier said than done, right? Well, there have been times when I have held myself back from doing certain things because I was waiting for the right moment. The truth is that the perfect moment never comes; just do it and you'll figure things out as you go. In the end, you'll be glad you took that one step forward even if you weren't sure where it would lead.

The bottom line is that no one has all the answers, even if it appears that they do, and that along this journey called life, we could all use a little motivation and inspiration.

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