Plan Malawi's Ongoing Campaign Towards Equality in Malawi

Ever since the launch of Plan Malawi’s campaign against cyberbullying and online violence as well as promotion of the International Day of the Girl, a buzz has been created and several individuals have been getting involved and making sure that the success of this campaign is ongoing. Some examples include Telekom Networks Malawi (TNM) who on International Day of the Girl stood in solidarity with Plan Malawi and gave one young student the opportunity to experience a day in the life of their Chief Channels Officer. TNM also promoted the need to raise awareness on the harassment and abuse girls face on social media, the company expressed that online violence silences the voices of young girls and this also acts as a barrier to getting them into leadership positions. The innovation organisation mHub Malawi also provided an opportunity to a young girl to take over the role of Chief Executive Officer for the day in support of the Girls Takeover campaign.

Other individuals that have recently come to support the initiative are Women Lawyers Malawi and Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA) who have both signed the open letter written by girls to end online abuse and harassment. In addition to this the Mayor of Mzuzu provided an opportunity to a young lady to handle a number of issues on the International Day of the Girl, the young lady was also tasked with holding a discussion on girls rights focusing especially on cyberbullying and online harassment. The Mayor was asked to commit, facilitate and advocate for laws that address online violence and to show his commitment he too signed the open letter written by girls to the various social media platforms.

The campaign is highlighting the need to empower young girls and is imploring several persons in power positions to help spread and support the message of equality. Plan Malawi also seeks to educate girls, put an end to child marriage and continue the journey towards equal rights for girls and young women. Her Excellency, First Lady of the Republic of Malawi, Monica Chakwera was revealed as the Ambassador for Ending Child Marriages and the importance of this is that she possesses an enormous platform and will be able to deliver the message of equal rights and the importance of ending child marriages efficiently and effectively. The steps being taken by Plan Malawi are immense in nature and are necessary in order to combat the problem of equality and harassment that young girls face.

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