Ridicule That Comes With Voluntary Childlessness

Do you know anyone who has made the decision not to have children? Despite the fact that I don't know anyone who refuses to have children because they don't want to, I believe there are couples who do not want children but end up having them anyway because "starting a family" in our society means having children.

Everyone is somehow expected to have children because having children in our society is usually equated to living and experiencing a fulfilled life. As such a lot of individuals find it very hard to grasp the idea that people can lead meaningful and fulfilling lives without having children of their own.

Voluntary Childlessness :The voluntary choice not to have children - Wikipedia

When a young woman or man expresses a desire to avoid having children, they are frequently interrogated, mocked, and even threatened. How many times have you seen childless people being attacked online or being pitied because, in most people's minds, children are such an integral part of everyone else's lives that not having them may lead to regret later in life?

But consider this: many children are unloved, uncared for, or abandoned simply because society forces some people to make choices they don't want to make. As a result, these people find themselves with children they didn't want to begin with.

A personal and harmless decision like childlessness should be made "more acceptable" in today's world. Couples without children should not be thought of as odd or selfish. Couples or individuals who are childless should not be forced to, or feel obligated to explain their decisions to others. People should be able to choose not to have children without having to justify their decision. Childlessness is a personal choice that should be respected.

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