Saved from jaws of child marriage. By Angella Phiri

Image taken from The Nation

Unlike her peers who find themselves in her shoes because their parents are poor and jobless, her father was a primary school teacher who unfortunately found leisure in beer; hence, neglected his family.

Says Rezina: “My mother is a housewife with no financial means to help the family. We rely on my father to provide for the family. However, his lifestyle is not that pleasant as most of the time he is always drunk.”

She says sometimes they go hungry due to lack of money to buy food.

It was situations such as these that made Rezina date men for support.

She says she was 13 when she started sleeping with men for survival.

“I had no choice. I couldn’t go to school without food and decent clothes. Finding school materials like notebooks and pens was also hard. That time I had just written my Primary