Talent Tuesday with Keturah 💫👸🏾🇲🇼

Meet: Keturah

Keturah is a female artist who grew up in Mwanza. Keturah is from a family of guitarists, song writers and music lovers. “I am a Boston native who enjoys singing to the stratosphere and writing songs on a guitar” she said.

This queen was discovered at the age of 9, and at this tender age is when she realized singing was not only a gift, but it was also her passion.

This queen's attitude and ethic reflects a matra that says anything is possible only if you put your mind to it but above all, PUT GOD FIRST IN EVERYTHING. Keturah’s style of Music is greatly influenced by the great legends of Malawi music, singers like Paul Banda, Gides Chalamanda and many more, including international musicians like Tony Braxton, Tracy Chapman and Dolly Parton.

This queen recently banged a record deal with #HarlanSteinberger owner of state of the art music recording studio in Los Angeles, CA. This queen will be recording her new album with world famous Playing for Change band along side her.

Keep on shinning QUEEN! 🙌🏽👏🏽👑

Follow this queen and the work she does on:

• Twitter: Keturah_musicMW

• Instagram: @keturah_official




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