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Talent Tuesday with Lavida Loca💫👸🏾🇲🇼

Meet: Lavida Loca

Born in Malawi, raised in Nottingham and now based in south London, Lavida Loca is carving out her own lane in UK rap on her own terms. Her razor-sharp lyrics gives her audience a brutal tale of surviving inner city poverty, crime and a drive to spotlight the pitfalls that many women fall into–whose stories are so rarely heard.

The young rapper has built a solid foundation, like many before her, with hard-hitting freestyles like King Is Back through organic social media promo and swiftly went viral. She further made her mark with tracks like No ID and her well received 2-Sides EP saw her showcase her assertive flows on hardcore drill to light upbeat afro-swing. While Lavida can boast working with long-time Giggs producer Bayoz Muzik and renowned hit-making legend Fraser T. Smith, it was her feature in YouTube Originals’ Terms & Conditions: A Drill Story that really captured their full magnetic personality. Lavida is certainly next in line for rap royalty’s crown.

Keep shinning queen

Let us support this talented queen! 👏🏾🙌🏾👑

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