Talent Tuesday with Lusu Kalanga 💫👑🇲🇼

Meet: Lusungu Kalanga

Lusungu is a Malawian feminist, activist, and gender & development specialist. She has over 11 years of experience in the international development sector, working in programming, advocacy and capacity strengthening around girls’ education and violence against women and girls prevention.

This QUEEN is the Co-Founder of Growing Ambitions, a feminist local organization focused on creating safe spaces for girls and young women to thrive through mentorship and peer learning. She is also a co-creator and co-host of Feministing While Malawian podcast, named one of the best podcasts in Africa.

Lusungu serves as a board director for several international women's rights organisations including; Fos Feminista, Theatre for a Change , Tongole Foundation, World Education Inc and is part of the Advisors’ circle for Eyala, a platform by, for and about African feminists.

Keep on shinning QUEEN! 🙌🏽👏🏽👑

Follow this QUEEN and the work she does on:

• Twitter: @Lusukalanga

• Instagram: Lusu Kalanga

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