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Talent Tuesday with Mercy Kanyuka 💫👸🏾🇲🇼


Meet: Mercy Kanyuka

When 13-year-old Mercy Kanyuka decided to pursue her secondary education, she wasn’t aware that she would be paving the way for a future generation of women leaders in Africa. Particularly skilled in mathematics, Mercy went on to achieve considerable success in the early 1980s at university, battling cultural stereotypes stacked against women.

A few years later, she took up her first post at the National Statistics Office (NSO) of Malawi as a logistical choice balancing family priorities, rather than a career-oriented move. Over the years, she climbed the professional ladder to the highest rank in this institution, becoming the country’s first female Commissioner of Statistics.

Decades later, the challenges of Mercy’s professional career still resonate for women worldwide and her success remains an irregular occurrence among NSO’s leadership globally.




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