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Talented Tuesday with Priscilla Kayira💫👑🇲🇼

Priscilla Kayira is a Media personality, TV Presenter, TV Producer, Social media influencer, Event host and content creator. She is a three time UMP award Media Personality winner. Not only is she always in front of the camera she also leads in producing different Programs on Zodiak TV such as, outside Broadcasts for TV, Sunrise a breakfast show, social hub a youthful program, Fresh on Zodiak an award winning entertainment program and Top Styles. She is also a host and co-host for some of these shows.

This gifted goddess is currently the most followed female Media Personality in the country. This queen is well specialized in electronic media having a degree in Mass communication. She leads a small team to organize her hosting jobs and brand influence.

Priscilla’s advise to girls who wish to follow her footsteps is, “One thing that has pushed me to work hard is; I embarked on a self discovery and self awareness journey that has helped me understand myself more so I can be and give the best version of myself on TV. The least things maybe will come from being on the spotlight for critic and judgment from people who do not know who you are, or understand why I am the way I am. I have learnt that ‘to whom much is given much is expected’.

This multi-talented queen goes on to say, that she is mostly motivated by how happy she gets and the peace she feels every-time she is on air or hosting. “It's a great feeling. I always want to relive the feeling over and over again.”

The artistic queen admits that fear also drives her to continue pushing, “I was raised up in a home that valued education, this way I never want to suffer or end up with unfulfilled dreams. My family and my close friends are also my biggest motivators. They support me, love me unconditionally and shield me from all the negativity on social media, (I live in a bubble). They also fully understand what my job entails and they understand the pressure so they constantly reassure me that I am doing great and making strides and I need to continue working hard and shield my heart.”

The TV personality’s advise to young girls aspiring to work in the same industry as her is, “try so hard to be yourself, a lot of people are living a life to please others and please society, even on social media. In the end you are depressed, anxious and sad because you are so set to please people forgetting yourself. start a healing journey and self realization journey as soon as possible. This will help you to discover good and bad things about yourself because you are self aware of your behaviour giving you a personality and self esteem boost because you fully understand yourself, what you like and don't like what sort of people you want to keep around you. This journey will also help you discover your hidden talents too.

Do not be afraid to try new things and find any means to improve your well being, mentally and emotionally, live your life unapologetically because you only have one life to live and live it to the fullest without fear of judgment and shame.”