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The Bullying of David Madonna

The bullying that happens to David Madonna each time a picture of him pops up on the internet is terrifying. It's difficult to believe that all of this hatred , ridicule, click baiting is directed at a 16-year-old.

And, for some strange reason that I can't fathom, some local online media platforms encourage this behavior by posting images or information designed to elicit people's reactions. According to this shallow and lazy reporting, one might think David is nothing more than a cross-dressing teen.

When you look at other international news outlets, you will notice that David has a long list of accomplishments. He is a fantastic dancer, a professional football player, a singer, songwriter, a fashion icon, and so much more. I mean, he recently danced his heart out during her mother's New York City performance on 23 June,2022 . Isn't that something worth reporting rather than the usual clickbait pictures our local news outlets post every two weeks?

We can debate Madonna's parenting style, but we can't deny what a wonderful multi-talented young man he has turned out to be. She clearly provides an environment in which her child is free to express himself. Why should we judge this young man based on his clothing or presumed sexual orientation?

I hope that one day some local online media platforms like as FYI, Malawi24, and Mikozi, will move beyond being petty and report something worth reporting. Yes, he wears dresses and puts on makeup, but what else does he do or has done that we should be aware of ?

Can we let the child live ? I before he was adopted mean we had no idea he even existed, who he was and didn't care. Now that someone chose to take responsibility, we are suddenly interested and concerned about his well-being? He is clearly content and enjoys what he does. Let's be serious.

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