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The Fantastic Four; Achievers Awards Of Excellence

Numerous Malawians are making outstanding contributions to a variety of societal fields, including business, health care, education and social work. It is encouraging that we, Malawians are now making efforts to honor and reward such selfless individuals while they are still alive. A non-governmental organization called Young Achievers Development has set aside the 6th of July for an award of excellence initiative to recognize Malawians who are the torch bearer's of change.

This year's award of excellence event took place at Golden Peacock Hotel in Blantyre. Twelve individuals were recognized for their positive contributions to our society. Among them were four remarkable women: Felia Malola Schizzo, Courageous Musasa, Ida Puliwa, and Tusaiwe Munkhondya, whose story was covered just last week

Ida Puliwa, who received the Best Community and Social Services Promoter award, is the founder of the Othakarha foundation, whose mission is to improve the lives of vulnerable and marginalized members of the community.The foundation is based in Nsanje and provides a variety of services such as entrepreneurship, education (supporting needy students from primary to tertiary level), agriculture, and health-related programs and services such as palliative care and cervical cancer screening.

Felia Malola of Paschello Trust Orphanage was named Best Mother and Social Worker of the year. You will agree that she is very deserving of the award based on her work. Felia established a feeding program for the elderly, visually impaired, street children, orphans, and vulnerable children which serves about 300 to 400 people every Friday. Furthermore, she opened her home to orphans, street children, and vulnerable children; she has 20 children in her home and reaches out to and supports many more through various initiatives such as a care center and various donations. The foundation is sourcing out funds for its school and clinic project who is based in Mgabu, looks after orphans. building a school and a clinic.

Courageous Musasa, founder of the Courageous Kids Foundation, was awarded the Young Woman of Distinction. Courageous Kids Foundation is a non-profit community orphan care organization which runs an orphanage in Chilobwe, Blantyre. The foundation provides food, shelter, education, and care to neglected children (neglected, abandoned, orphans and vulnerable children). The foundation has registered 200 children, 70 of whom stay at the orphanage and the remaining 130 receive supplies. She is currently pleading for donations to permanently purchase the Courageous Kids Foundation rented home.

From left to right : Felia Malola,Ida Puliwa, Tusaiwe Munkhondya and Courageous Mulala.

While we cannot all open our homes to orphans, the elderly and other vulnerable people or send thousands to school, we can help these distinguished ladies by providing any kind of support or service, whether financial or otherwise.

You can reach out to these various organizations through their social media pages and websites: - Othakarhaka Foundation Pashello Charitble Trust - Courageous Kids Foundation - Tusaiwe Munkhondya

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