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The Footprints Foundation and Malawian Girls Rock join forces to empower Malawian communities.

Malawian Girls Rock (MGR) alongside The Footprints Foundation (TFF) has collaborated on an inspirational initiative to provide football kits and boots to Malawian youth. Malawian Girls Rock is an initiative with the goal of promoting, educating, supporting and empowering women, whilst The Footprints Foundation was founded by UK based businessman; Bob Holt OBE, who coordinates numerous charities in South Africa. This initiative was primarily devised by Malawian Girls Rock founder and musical award winner, Hazel Mak and brought to life by The Footprints Foundation (TFF), who provided the necessary kits and boots.

In an interview with the talented Hazel Mak about the initiative, she stated that “I am Malawian and I know the challenges young girls go through” therefore, “it is an honor to collaborate with The Footprints Foundation". Moreover, Miss Mak then further stated that "I would like to use my fame and influence to make a difference and empower the youth”.

As aforementioned, TFF was founded by Bob Holt OBE who is acknowledged for his business related roles in some of the UK's most important companies. Additionally, he is simultaneously invested in his philanthropic endeavors which have resulted in having an enormous impact on thousands of individuals across the world. Regardless of Mr Holt’s works, every single one of his decisions are driven by his passion to leave a positive impression and make a substantial difference in the lives of others.

Bob was delighted to able to help and stated that “We have a great vision for Malawi so we decided to collaborate with MGR and provide first class football kits, polo shirts and boots to help empower communities". The initiative is coordinated by Spiwe Zulu of Chisomo Idea & Osadandaula Orphanage, fashion designer Lynne Kayenne and Hazel Mak. Hazel then added that "the vision is to collaborate with as many NGOs and become a catalyst for change in Malawi".

For the last two years, Malawian Girls Rock has toured Malawi donating football equipment to youth initiatives, including Chisomo Idea, Namwalimwe Team who train at Darab with Coach Sylus Liwindo in Blantyre and more recently, an all-girls Football team at Kusewera. Kusewera is vastly known as an empowerment program that aims to educate children through creative play activities. This collaboration will add to the list of people we strive to help in Malawi and will hopefully act as a stepping stone for our future collaborations.

The Malawian Girls Rock donations were coordinated by Spiwe Zulu and Hazel Mak while supported by female Footballers: Faith Lungu, Casbet, Mpatso, Florence, Isabel Kumwembe, Loveness, Siyabonga and Grace. After the equipment was donated, the footballers decided to engage in a friendly game with the girls at Kusewera.

The aim is to encourage girls to participate in sports while having the female footballers motivate them and encourage them through representation. We are ecstatic to have finally completed our Football equipment donation at kusewera in collaboration with Bob Holt Projects. We sincerely hope that we can continue working together in order to empower our youth through Malawian Girls Rock.

For further information please contact Hazel Mak and never forget that Malawian Girls Rock!