The Launch of the Judiciary Gender-Based Violence Handbook. By Tithetse Nkhanza

On the third of December 2020 the Malawi Judiciary launched the Gender Based Violence Case Handling handbook with support from UK in Malawi under the Tithetse Nkhanza programme.

The handbook is a critical milestone towards efforts in consolidating effective justice delivery for victims and survivors of GBV. It focuses on both judicial officers and court staff, including clerks and & marshals who are at the frontline in dealing with GBV victims.

With support from Tithetse Nkhanza, Malawi Judiciary also launched the District Case Management System piloted in Lilongwe, Mangochi and Karonga to improve GBV case data entry and tracking to enhance accountability in the judicial sytem.

The Judiciary GBV Handbook focuses on a survivor centred approach for handling GB cases stressing on access, confidentiality and dignity for survivors of GBV in court processes.

The development of the Judiciary GBV Handbook and electronic case management system fall under one of Tithetse Nkhanza programme’s aims to enhance accessibility, responsiveness and accountability of the justice system.

The piloted case management system provides an invaluable opportunity to effectively rack GBV cases and the Judiciary GBV Handbook serves as a critical opportunity to set standards and best practices for responding to GBV survivors who came into contact with the courts.

“My excitement is not only propelled by the positive impact that these 2 key initiatives will produce but by the fact that these 2 processes were initiated, developed and spearheaded by the judiciary itself”, says Honourable Kamanga on behalf of the Chief Justice.

“It is my utmost desire to see this handbook utilized in order to inform and strengthen the provision of quality, dignified and timely services for all people, regardless of their sex, location, race, age or income” Honourable Kamanga on behalf of the Chief Justice.

Relative stakeholder have symbolically received copies of the Judiciary GBV Handbook including Malawi Human Right Commission Executive Secretary Habiba Rezwana Osman as her office is critical in ensuring that the justice system is accessible, responsive and accountable to Malawians. Congratulations to the Malawi Judiciary on the official launch of the Judiciary GBV Handbook and the District Case Management system.

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